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Drum akustik VS Drum elektrik

Electronic drums are not meant to completely replace real acoustic drums. They simulate acoustic drums and are a different musical instrument, albeit a very closely related instrument. Lets take a look at electronic drums vs. acoustic drums.
Advantages of Electronic Drums
  • You can play them without disturbing your neighbors as much.
  • You can learn to play drums, and no one will hear you if you suck at first.
  • They are compact and fit in a small room.
  • Electronic drums can generate all sorts of weird fun sounds.
  • You can easily practice playing with a CD by plugging the player into the sound module, and not have to worry that the drum sound will overwhelm the music.
  • You don’t have to tune them.
  • Electronic drums are much easier to record. Just plug them into your mixing board, and don’t worryabout having to carefully arrange multiple microphones.

Disadvantages of Electronic Drums

  • Electronic drums don’t have the volume range of acoustic drums.
  • They don’t have expressive range of acoustic drums either, especially with the hi-hat and other cymbals.
  • Brushes are not as effective on electronic drums, particularly with rubber pads.
  • They do not look as good and exciting as acoustic drums, unless you play on a high end electronic kit that includes large mesh typedrum pads.
  • If you perform on stage, you are at the mercy of the stage monitor speakers to hear yourself play.
  • They are more expensive.
  • Electronic drums are much more of a hassle to assemble and take apart than a standard acoustic kit because they have many more parts and wires.

The Acoustic Drum Kit

With an acoustic kit the drummer is able to play with great feel and touch, from the very quiet to the very loud. Cymbal washes are of course possible unlike most electric drum kits and unlike most electric kits it is possible to take advantage of the tiny subtleties that can be squeezed from a real acoustic drum and cymbal. The acoustic drum kit is an incredibly sensitive and subtle instrument with great dynamics that just aren’t possible to recreate electronically. Yet!
Real acoustic drums allow the drummer to learn and perform drum rolls, buzz rolls, cymbal swells, hi-hat technique and cross stick to a better and more realistic level than the electric drum kit.
Bottom end acoustic drum kits can be purchased brand new for under £200 these days and second hand drum kits can be even cheaper. Unlike electronic kits there is less risk involved in buying second hand drums as they are far less likely to break.
The positioning options of an acoustic kit are far superior allowing angles and heights of drums to be placed where you want due to advanced adjustable stands.
No electronic amplification is needed for small gigs and brand practice….obviously.
Noise! An acoustic drum kit is LOUD but drum silencer pads can be used to reduce volume drastically. This does mean that the feel and sound of the drums suffer enormously though.
Drums will need their heads replacing occasionally depending on how hard or often you play and can be quite expensive (especially the larger bass drum).
Acoustic drums need to be tuned, this can be difficult to achieve properly by amateurs. It is possible just to tighten for feel rather than sound if the sonic quality of the instrument isn’t important to you.
Unless ear plugs are worn then hearing damage is a real risk. Be careful!
Drum kits can be big and heavy and so require space and patience when setting up or breaking down.
Real acoustic drums can be scratched and even warp in shape if treated badly or left somewhere damp.

    Neophyte drummers often debate between electronic and acoustic drums. By considering the major differences between them, you will be able to make a more informed decision and get playing in no time.

    1. Feel of Playing

      • Acoustic drums come in a variety of sizes and skins, while electronic drum heads are smaller and only come in either mesh or plastic.

      Quiet Practicing

      • Acoustic drums can be muted, but will never be as quiet as a mesh-head electronic set. If you live in an apartment, this characteristic can make your decision for you.

      Variety of Sounds

      • Electronic drum modules come with thousands of possible sounds built in, which are impossible to match on acoustic drums without breaking the bank.

      Extra Equipment

      • Once you are happy with your electronic drums, you don't have to invest much more money. With acoustic drums, you have to replace heads and broken cymbals.


      • Aesthetically speaking, it is hard to top the look of a painted acoustic kit. An electronic kit will never be able to capture that "cool factor."


      • An electronic kit will never sound like an acoustic kit, but an acoustic kit can be mounted with drum triggers that will allow you to mimic an electric kit.

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